Memory: Regathering Syria

War Is The Most Serious Reason For Causing The Damage to Both Artificial and Natural Landscape. Syria, One of The Oldest Civilizations in The World Is Entering It’s Another Year of Debilitating Violence At a Moment of Geopolitical Flux. a Huge Deficit

War is the most serious reason for causing the damage to both artificial and natural landscape. syria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world is entering it’s another year of debilitating violence at a moment of geopolitical flux. a huge de <Cropped>

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Puzzle Book:ecopuzzle by Giulia Messori

Giulia Messori Portrays The Ecopuzzle Puzzle Book

Giulia Messori, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Giulia Messori's EcoPuzzle puzzle book says, This product is ecofriendly both for the entire production cycle and beacuse it's made of Materi-Bi® so entirely compostable (in c <Cropped>

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Arts Center by Zooco Estudio

Zooco Estudio Creates The Arts Center of Verin Arts Center

Zooco Estudio, the creative mind behind the award winning design Award Winning Arts Center of Verin Arts Center illustrates, Great home or small town, where the intimacy of a home and the heterogeneity of a town is provided. The Center turns into a s <Cropped>

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Dvd Box by Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes

Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes Illustrates The Paths of Light Dvd Box

Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes, the thinktank behind the award winning work Dvd Box:Paths of Light by Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes illustrates, The best way to hold the short animation Paths of Light by Zina Caramelo was to ensure t <Cropped>

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Offline Dating Supermarket by Ming Chun Hsiao

Ming Chun Hsiao Shows The Coincidence Offline Dating Supermarket

Ming Chun Hsiao, the architect of the displayed design Coincidence by Ming Chun Hsiao spells out, 'Coincidence Supermarket' is turning the virtual world of online dating into the reality in order to affect real life interpersonal alienat <Cropped>

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Ptang Studio Limited's The Pavilia Bay Sales Office

Ptang Studio Limited Creates The The Pavilia Bay Sales Office

PTang Studio Limited, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning The Pavilia Bay Sales Office says, The Pavilia Bay Sales Gallery, located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, is designed into a world-class prestigious shipyard, with the notion of br <Cropped>

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Peter Stasek Architect's Floating Nests-Loft London Farm Tower Loft Farming Tower

Peter Stasek Architect Shares The Floating Nests-Loft London Farm Tower Loft Farming Tower

Peter Stasek Architect, the lead designer of the award winning work Floating Nests - Loft London Farm Tower by Peter Stasek Architect says, The Loft London Farm Tower in the form of an imaginary gigantic tree in whose artificial crown two big loft fo <Cropped>

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Clean Energy Challenge

Together With Ikea Foundation, What Design Can Do (wdcd) Recently Launched The Clean Energy Challenge in 5 Cities – Amsterdam, São Paulo, Delhi, Nairobi, and Mexico City. This Global Competition Calls On Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs to Rethink

Together with ikea foundation, what design can do (wdcd) recently launched the clean energy challenge in 5 cities – amsterdam, são paulo, delhi, nairobi, and mexico city. this global competition calls on designers and creative entrepreneurs to ret <Cropped>

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Lapuro by Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka Yi

Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka Yi Creates The Lapuro Medical Beauty Centre

Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka Yi, the maker of the displayed work Medical Beauty Centre by Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka Yi explains, Design is more than good aesthetics. It is the way the space is used. The medical centre integrated form and <Cropped>

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Ronen Bavly-Didi Table Lamp

At Design Interviews

Interview with Ronen Bavly : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Ronen Bavly : The main principle is the combination between traditional metal work and a LED high technology lamp. .Frank Scott: What has <Cropped>

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