Marcelo Lopes-Merchan Design's Design Is... Installation Exhibition

Marcelo Lopes-Merchan Design Shares The Design Is... Installation Exhibition

Marcelo Lopes - Merchan Design, the lead designer of the displayed work Installation exhibition by Marcelo Lopes - Merchan Design explicates, Design is…, a selection of Brazilian Design group displayed in two hundred colorful mobiles. Each piece, i <Cropped>

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Xupin Space Design Limited Company-Office by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Xupin Space Design Limited Company Office

The lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Xupin Space Design Limited Company Office points out, This is the office of Sinkiang branch of Xupin Design, covering an area of 2000 square meters. The main idea of this case is "colo <Cropped>

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Ice9 Interactive's Reflect Dynamic Brand Identity

Ice9 Interactive Shows The Reflect Dynamic Brand Identity

Ice9 Interactive, the maker of the highlighted design Reflect by Ice9 Interactive points out, Music is constantly chaotic and evolving, but always personal. This was the inspiration behind this generative system which fuses the artist’s identity wi <Cropped>

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Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project

The Competition Entails The Production of a Work of Art/Expression That Represents and Gives Shape to The Interpretative Territory Defined: Swiss Original – Handmade Creative Original Handmade Creative Project For Centuries, The Swiss Tra

The competition entails the production of a work of art/expression that represents and gives shape to the interpretative territory defined: swiss original – handmade creative project.Swiss original handmade creative project for centuries, the swis <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ordinary Fashion Design

Mimi Jeong Exhibits The Ordinary Fashion Design

Mimi Jeong, the architect of the displayed work Fashion design:Ordinary by Mimi Jeong illustrates, Day-to-day, there are no standard moments. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that a little part. Mimi reinterprets 'Ordinary� <Cropped>

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Residential House by Ling-Fang Huang

Ling-Fang Huang Discloses The a Life Roams Free Residential House

Ling-Fang Huang, the architect of the displayed project Residential House by Ling-Fang Huang spells out, The arc motif is expanded into different parts of the house. Starting with an arc-shape cabinet to create an unique traffic flow to promote the o <Cropped>

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Villa Degli Olma Pinot Grigio-Wine Label by Valerii Sumilov

Valerii Sumilov Designs The Villa Degli Olma Pinot Grigio Wine Label

Valerii Sumilov, the author of the highlighted work Valerii Sumilov's Villa Degli Olma Pinot Grigio Wine Label demonstrates, The every drop of this wine breaths the unique Italian spirit. That was the message that embodies Villa Degli Olma Pinot <Cropped>

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World History by Grad Studio

Grad Studio Illustrates The World History Tv Program Id

Grad Studio, the lead designer of the highlighted design World History by Grad Studio explains, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Eiffel tower in Paris, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and Akshardham – Hindu temple complex in New Delhi were chosen <Cropped>

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Residential by Tik Chan

Tik Chan Reveals The Palm Springs-Strikingly Simple Residential

Tik Chan, the author of the displayed work Award Winning Palm Springs - strikingly simple Residential says, Strikingly Simple-The modern simplicity of this minimalist house consists of several special features that make it incredibly eye-catchy. The <Cropped>

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Ceiling Lamp by André Teoman

André Teoman Spotlights The Chartres Ceiling Lamp

André Teoman, the architect of the award winning design Ceiling Lamp:Chartres by André Teoman points out, André Teoman was inspired by the technique used in the antique stained glass motifs of cathedrals. With Chartres he re-creates a new visual i <Cropped>

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